The Rosy Brand

Many times when we think of an Industry in our minds we see a huge go down block like building emitting a lot of smoke that looks like clouds or more so, smoke as dark as the night. We imagine a lot of heavy machines being operated by workers dressed in safety gear speaking to each other in a yelling manner to get through the noisy machines. Not to forget the sweaty feeling, the risk, huh! The thought of dust makes us not want to think about clicking the submit button on indeed.  On the other hand the word “brand” takes us further than we ought to. In our minds we imagine Jessica Simpsons, 9 West, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Elizabeth Arden, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, just to mention my favorite handbags and Perfumes designers. What we don’t know is that in our hands we hold an industry and in ourselves we contain a Brand.  We have all the machinery within ourselves, we have all the manpower and we are the go down blocks.

Winter Tradition

As for Rosy and her ‘queendom” winter is not winter without the passed on tradition of knitting from my very innovative Mother.  I sit in my pampering lounge in the comfort of a well lit fire that makes my fireplace glow like the sun with sparks flowing rhythmically like stars.  No doubt, it is Christmas. My favorite Holiday since childhood. I remember during my childhood days, as a tradition,  we went shopping at Deacons for our Christmas and new year clothes. It was fun to be a kid but more fun to be grown up. I Listen to the sound of moving water in the river next to my house, behind me is an all glass door and a window that give a very clear view of the mountains. On my left is a window that I can’t help but look through to see snow falling swiftly as I keep warm with a cup of my favorite hot creamy vanilla flavored tea. I hold my blue knitting needles and yarn this time fixing a gift for the one that I care about, who is in the cold trying to make ends meet. Thanks to Snow! Scarf after scarf, hat after hat and all the Christmas gifts are ready for dispatch to my friends.  Wait! I have 6 orders from clients and I have to deliver within winter.

Just like made in China, I have “made by Rosy” brand.  I am a brand within myself.  There is an Industry in me.   I have the capacity, I have the manpower. We have so much that we don’t seek within ourselves.

And the tradition shall be passed on from Rosy to little Rosies.


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