My Typical Friday Evening

Guess what? It’s Friday. After a slightly humid day, it is dusk and I sit at my favorite spot gazing at the beautiful Western Carolina Mountains through the window on my right. The Carolinas have Tropical climate during winter with few to no snow storms. Favorite because that’s where my salivary glands direct me to sort out matters regarding “gastro.” Favorite because this is where I sit and literally boggle my brain typing down my thoughts. Favorited because this is where my household convenes to enjoy part of my hobbies. My relevant hobbies for now being cooking, baking and trying new recipes.


Not a scene of Fauna, all in hibernation. I miss the sounds of birds chirping. The almost lifeless flora gives me company, the ambiance! Sipping Rosy and Household cocktail. Of course non-alcoholic! Rosy you deserved this relaxation!  Not even my good read on sight can distract me from this Rosy comfort. A feeling that can only be compared to my monthly body massage sessions at the spa. It’s Friday, I ought to go out dancing but I barely know anybody around, besides, I have been dancing for the last two decades. Time to enjoy my own quiet company.


I love some O’Reillys white chocolate drink if I am not sipping some Crankberry.  I thank God for Mondays! Mon days really lead us to Fri days.


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