Being Rosy

I often get people asking me what I use on my face or what I do to have a smooth face. There is not a single week in my life that I haven’t been complimented for my face or asked the “Question”. This is one of the most mind boggling questions in my life. Not because I use expensive or a variety of facial creams but because I use the cheapest cream, it is priceless, it is easily found but not easily purchased.  You will need a piece of paper and pen to write down the name of the cream in case your computer hangs on you.  Laughter is the best medicine.  I laugh and smile a lot.  You know that smile that shows through your eyes? That is me! You have nothing to loose but attract positive.

Law of attraction!

Once you get positive thoughts in your system, you attract positive everything which makes you positive with your positive energy and you use it positively and the cycle continues.  This will keep your whole body system calm and you will stay sane not to release toxins! Wake up early, Pray like Sarah, Read books, Sing like King David, Dance like Solomon, remind yourself of interesting jokes.How about this! drink a lot of water.

You see? Isn’t it cheaper than the cheapest facial cream? The Internet is a good place. Isn’t it?


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